Our sweet babies are surrounded by care givers who love them and remind them, even at this young age, that God loves them. Nursery is available for children eight weeks old through walking age. Parents should check their baby in at the Kids Check-In table in the iKIDS room. Children will be entered in the system and 3 lables will be printed -- 2 name tags with instructions/allergies for baby and diaper bag and a security tag for parents to present to pick up their child at the end of worship. Should a need arise for parents to assist their baby, the number will be flashed on the screens in the service as a "nursery alert."

Well Child Policy

Because it is a priority in Capstone's children's ministry to promote a love for God and others in a healthy and safe environment, we ask each parent to come to agreement with us about the types of symptons that woud prevent a child from safely interacting with others. Some specific guidelines are listed below:

  • Fever above 101 degrees F in the past 24 hours
  • Difficulty breathing or persistent, barking cough
  • Rash that has any discharge, looks like an irritated pimple, is accompanied by a fever, or has an unknown cause (other than diaper rash)
  • Diarrhea that contans blood or mucus or has occurred more than three times in the past 24 hours
  • Vomiting two or more times during the previous 24 hours
  • Frequent, colored eye discharge with pink coloring ot the white part of the eye
  • Strep throat (Streptococcal pharyngitis), until 24 hours ater treatment has been initiated
  • Flu-like symptons such as a fever, lethargy and a frequent hacking cough