New to Capstone?

As we are seeking to develop a more streamlined and secure method for checking in children to worship environments, we're asking parents to take the time to give us the information required to help us serve your children better. By registering online and at your convenience, it will make the check-in process for your family much faster on Sunday mornings!


Click on the link below to register your child for any of our children's environments (nursery to elementary age). When received, we will input your child's information into our check-in system. This info is used to inform volunteer staff of your child's needs during worship services and events at Capstone Church (especially helpful for infants and toddlers). Also included is our well-child policy, which is required for child registration.

On Sunday morning, visit one of our check-in stations in the cafe and a volunteer will help get your family checked in.

If you plan to return to Capstone, follow the instructions for "Been Here Before?" on this page to set up a faster check-in process for future visits.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your information! 

Been Here Before?

To speed up the check-in process on Sunday mornings, follow the steps below to start using a barcode to check-in.

  • Download the Church Center app for iOS or Android.
  • Find Capstone Church (if you are at the church, use your location to find nearby churches).
  • Login to Planning Center using your email address or phone number.
  • On Sunday morning, open the Church Center app and go to the Check In tab.
  • Check all the members of your family who need to be checked in to children's environments. Their usual age-appropriate classroom should be automatically selected.
  • Tap Next to see your check-in barcode.
  • Visit one of the self check-in stations in the cafe to scan your barcode when you enter the church on Sunday morning.
  • The printer will print one security tag and a label for each of your children. Hold onto your security tag to check out your children after church. You can also show the security barcode on your phone to check out your children.