Capstone Missions

Would you prayerfully consider a Capstone Mission Trip in 2023? As travel restrictions are being lifted around the world, Capstone wants to take the gospel to the nations!  Here are some of the destinations that are in the works. If you see one that grabs your attention, please use the form at the bottom of the page to request more information, or click Apply Now to complete the full application.


South Asia

May 8-24, 2023

This is a two part trip. During the first week, we will be in a city living life among college students and young adults.  The second week we will be in an area close to the Himalayan mountain range where many “religious” people have come to seek peace for their souls.  We know The Prince of Peace and the source of the peace they are seeking.  They are eager for friendships with Americans so we will help with a few English classes and get to know them and invite them to spend time with us. In the context of these new friendships, we will share about our lives and the peace we have.  We will be able to have conversations in English.  On this trip, we will experience two different cultures, religions, and sets of workers who will be able to teach us about their lives and work there.

Team Leader: Nesha Smelley

Approx. cost: $3,500

South Asia

May 16-27, 2023

We will be working with our partners in a section of a capital city that has been designated specifically for Capstone, seeking people of peace, looking for followers of Jesus amidst a very dense Muslim population. On the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world engaging folks in conversations that will hopefully lead to gospel centered sharing.

Team Leader: Will Collins

Approx. cost: $2,500


July 12-16 2023

The nations are HERE! Come join us as we reach out to refugees in the most diverse square mile in the US.  On behalf of our local church partners in Clarkston, we will do backyard “mini-camps” and deliver hundreds of backpacks to school-aged refugee kids who have recently found themselves in a new land with a new language and very different culture.  We will also visit a Hindu temple and spend time learning about other cultures and religions. A perfect trip for families, students, or older adults. For more information contact Nesha Smelley or Maggie Raburn

Team Leader: Nesha Smelley & Maggie Raburn

Cost: $375 for adults; $295 8 years to college

South Asia

July 21 - August 2, 2023

We will be working with our partners in a South Asian city to provide a discipleship retreat for indigenous believers. There will also be additional EV work taking place throughout this capital city and opportunities to prayer walk thoroughly pagan areas of idol worship.

Team Leader: Tollie Meggs

Approx. cost: $3,500


November 8-20, 2023

Teaching/preaching and sharing the gospel in schools, villages, prisons, and churches. Strengthening relationships and teachings that have been built over several years.

Team Leader: Brian Winters

Approx. cost: $3,000

North Africa

December 27, 2023 - January 8, 2024

We will be on mission in one of the busiest cities on earth! We'll learn about Islam and Arab culture while making lots of local friends. In context of those relationships, we will share about our personal beliefs as followers of Christ. We will work to build relationships with our new friends and hosts. This is a trip where you will need to be able to take the initiative in relationship building and sharing in your story and His story. Come join us as we learn and get to see the Father at work.

Team Leader: Will Collins

Approx. cost: $2,700


Thank you for considering going on a short-term trip with Capstone Church!
We are boldly asking God to give us the promise He made to Jesus in Psalm 2:8.

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance” (NIV).

You are part of the answer to that prayer.

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