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Disaster Relief | Louisiana

Join our teams headed to LA the next 2 weekends!

Capstone is going to the frontlines this weekend and next to help the elderly and widows in DeRidder, Louisiana devastated by Hurricane Laura. Will you join one of our teams to go make a difference for these brothers and sisters? The only cost for you will be your food going down and back.

Team 1 leaves this Friday, September 4, from Capstone at noon. We will work all day Saturday and Sunday and will arrive back in town around 2AM on Monday morning.

Your generous giving to Every Cent Sent is making it possible for us to purchase and donate desperately needed generators, portable A/C units, fruits/veggies and more. They are also in desperate need of ice, so we are looking to BORROW some large Yeti coolers to help preserve the ice as long as possible. Do you have one you could loan us for the weekend? If so, please text/call Tollie @ 205-292-6270.

We will be serving a church where 100% of their members had damage to their property. They are without power and some without water. We do not need skilled labor but hands able to clean up many downed trees that are blocking driveways, have fallen on houses etc. A few chainsaw operators would be great, but not necessary. We will stay in local homes.

Team 2 will travel to the same location NEXT weekend, Friday, September 11- 13 and pick-up where team 1 left off. Again, no cost for either trip except food coming and going.

Please respond quickly with your interest in going as we are trying to make plans today. Email Nesha at [email protected] or Tollie at [email protected] to get on one of the teams. We need you, but more importantly, THEY need you.