Capstone Church Blog

Welcome to the Capstone Church Blog

Welcome church family!

The Capstone Church Blog is the place where our elders and other key teachers in the church will share texts from Scripture and provide some explanations of those texts on a weekly basis. Every Wednesday, we'll have a new blog entry that will take you about 5 minutes to read.

(We'll definitely share the posts on social media to remind you to come read them each week.)

If you're asking why we decided to start a blog, that's a great question.

Personal Discipleship: One of the highest aims of this blog is to help us all grow in our faith as we pursue Christ together. It is absolutely critical to spend daily personal time with God in his Word and in prayer, so our heartbeat is to spur us as a church toward this. We want to knock down barriers like:

  • Some folks feel like they are ill-equipped to study Scripture on their own or feel confused about what certain texts are saying. We want to give you guidance on how to open the Word and dig out the precious jewels from this live-giving bread.

  • Some folks haven't figured out how to integrate daily time in the Word into their increasingly busy schedules. Our hope is that this mid-week "nudge" encourages you to develop personal reading and prayer habits.

Something as fluid as a blog will definitely grow and change as we get into the weekly rhythms of posting. Our hope is that you find this encouraging, useful and helpful for your faith!